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Welcome to the SMS&MMS Dental Clinics & Labs service

This online service is made for all of you, our dear customers, who daily by telephone or with messages ask for information from us about how much it will cost to redesign your smile, fix your teeth and similar treatments you are in need of.

This part of the service is made so that we get as much information as possible about your request. The photos you will upload must be readable and clear, because only such can be digitally analyzed and processed. The questions we will ask you will have to answer as clearly as possible, because the solution we offer you, should be designed according to your request. That part of the service, and giving a general recommendation for a solution is free of charge!

This part of the service covers a detailed digital analysis and is an offer with a general solution to how your problem can be solved. We can provide digital changes with an explanation of the solution we send, and if you are satisfied with what we offer to you, you can make an appointment to visit us, and thus we will more accurately, by taking photos of you with professional cameras in our photo studio, get into the essence of your request and present to you how you will look after the intervention. This digital designing of teeth or DSD (Digital Smile Design) is in order for you to get an image before you start any treatment that would constitute a complete remodeling of yours smile. The price for DSD in office conditions will be sent to you with the offer. The MMS service costs 50,- euros and if you accept the offered solution, this amount will be deducted from the price of the DSD. The offer is valid and is based on what is visible and explained on the basis of the then made photos. It will not be used under changed conditions!

If you are interested or you want to use the SMS & amp; MMS EDG service, please follow the video guide and do as instructed.

In the end, please answer our questions set out below and as much as you can describe in more details your problem and / or what you want to change in the smile.

    What is your dental problem?

    Are you dissatisfied with your smile or would you like to change it?

    Which are or what are your expectations like?

    Are you psychologically prepared for any change in relation with your smile?


    If you do aesthetic remodeling of your teeth, i.e. smile, which approach would you choose:

    Conservative: (DSD, teeth whitening, , orthodontics):

    Radical: (veneers, crowns and bridges, implants)

    Recommended by the dentist

    Do you have any financial plan in terms of budget or limit?


    Do you have any knowledge of what type of prosthetic material you would like us to use in making artificial teeth?

    Metal: (CoCrMo, titanium, gold)

    Without metal: (press ceramic dental and zirconia)

    Not familiar

    Would you like to have your case published?


    Attach your X-ray image up to 5MB

    Attach your en face image up to 5MB

    Attach a photo with your smile up to 5MB


    I declare that I have completely read the text written and explained in the EDG's SMS/MMS service and I agree that my photos (X-ray, face, smile and teeth) sent here now can be used. I also agree that the photos are used in the photo documentation for scientific, professional or educational purposes, and my identity will not be disclosed to the general public.

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    We declare that all the information shared with us here is protected and in no way will be used for other purposes. SMS & MMS service is an EDG copyright and is a trademark. Any unauthorized copying or similar reproduction is illegal.

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